Craig Marlatt Classics 3-CD Set 
All 3 of Craig's Early Recording's in One CD Package
  All for $35.00
* U.S. Shipping Included
Original Albums Re-Mastered to CD
Enter Into His Gates by Craig Marlatt - Originally Recorded in 1978
Holes In Time by Craig Marlatt - Originally Recorded in 1979
It's Raining All Over The World by Craig Marlatt- Originally Recorded in 1984
We have just Remixed for Digital
CD This Previously Unreleased
Album from the Original Good Samaritan Band, the house band
at Good Samaritan Coffeehouse
in Orlando Florida.
Recorded in 1980 but never
this wonderful CD has a collection
of previously unreleased songs written by Craig Marlatt and Sandy Pfeiffer Featuring Craig & Jolyn Marlatt,
Sandy & Marcia Pfeiffer, Jay
Quinn on Bass, Jim Drennen on Keyboards, Lane Trawick on Drums and Terry Marlatt on Flute
Drink From the Living Waters
The Convicts Song
We Have Come Into His House
You Must Be Born Again
Smooth Saiing
Enter Into His Gates
You'll Never Walk Alone
Come Unto Me
In My Life
What I Have To Do
Unique Indvidual
Just Like Them
Holes In Time
I Know You
The Time Has Come
Thank You
Some Friends
He Paid A Debt
Lord You've Been So Good
Believe A Man Can Change
If You Can't Find In Jesus
It's Raining All Over the World
Dreams Come True
Psalm 23
Psalm 89
From the calm predictability of life in postwar Kalamazoo to the fast paced world of Hong Kong, China, Things I Learned While Riding Mules is a non-stop adventure ride filled with laughter, insanity, drama and suspense. As you view the passing of world events through the sometimes zany but always fun life of Craig Marlatt, you'll roar with laughter, blush with embarassment and sigh with relief as Craig and his family push the envelope of life and squeeze drops of humor from even the most outrageous situations.
Things I Learned While Riding Mules
by Craig Marlatt
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