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And preach the Gospel to
every creature.
Go ye into all the world

When I first came to know Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior I was serving my second prison term for illegal drug possession. It was in the spring of 1974 and I was just starting on a new sentence and feeling my life scraping the bottom of the barrel. At 26 years of age my life had come crashing down again and I really thought I would be better off dead then to keep going on living like I was.


Craig Marlatt
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From the calm predictability of life in postwar Kalamazoo to the fast paced world of Hong Kong, China, Things I Learned While Riding Mules is a non-stop adventure ride filled with laughter, insanity, drama and suspense. As you view the passing of world events through the sometimes zany but always fun life of Craig Marlatt, you'll roar with laughter, blush with embarassment and sigh with relief as Craig and his family push the envelope of life and squeeze drops of humor from even the most outrageous situations.